The Human Extension

We believe that Human Biology is an interplay between Chemistry and Physics mixed with Evolution.

We also believe that any illness is an imbalance in this interplay, which is unique for a human being.

Now, a Data Driven Precision Medicine approach, helps identify these inherent patterns, the historical imprints, and the natural forces of chance for an illness.

We harness humanity's combined expertise spanning the multi-disciplinary fields of Genomics, Transcriptomics, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Neural Networks, and Deep Mining, to uncover the underlying complexity in any illness.

We call this The Human Extension.

- Aniket
  (Founder & Chairman, Evolvus Group)


About Us

The Evolvus Group is a multifaceted and highly diverse group of companies with business interests in a wide variety of commercial activities. Evolvus, has significant Research Informatics assets and proven expertise and global operations in the area of Preclinical and Translational data driven drug discovery, since 2001.

Our experience and expertise in the area of Life Sciences arises from our access to superior technology, scalable infrastructure and access to talented human capital. We are a professionally managed business house, with decades of Business experience working with Fortune 500 Companies.

Today, Evolvus has an established practice in Pharmaceuticals, R&D Informatics and Life Science data management. Our products and service offerings impact a range of life science industries worldwide including leading pharmaceutical establishments. Evolvus is known globally for its highly efficient unparalleled services in the field of Discovery informatics and Clinical Data Management, and as a mainstay for drug discovery projects.

Along with a strong focus on Cross – Innovation, our business strategy is clearly focused on leveraging our strengths in advancing Bench Research to Bed-Side Medicines. Our core service offerings are designed to influence and value add major scientific thrusts within unmet medical needs.

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