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Innovate at Evolvus
Historically, India is known to possess vast knowledge in body healing through application of naturally available resources of plant and microbial origin. Our research in the area of phyto-derived compounds is based on the premise of identifying and applying bio-diverse resources available in the Indian context of healing diseases of metabolic origin.

We have been actively screening microbial and plant based extracts for various types of cancers, immune deficiency diseases, inflammatory disorders like inflammatory bowel disease, chronic ailments of the GI tract etc.

Our platform - "MicroGold" defines the structure and the mechanism in which we validate, authenticate and research plant and microbial based systems to generate intellectual property for commercial benefit. The uniqueness of the methodology is embedded in the fusion of modern scientific methods and traditional Indian medicine, resulting in a continuous stream of validated health ingredients, complete with research profiling, standardisation, process IP and scale-up of manufacturing technology. Present efforts are at identifying immunomodulatory and cytoprotective agents as supplements for drug induced myelosuppresion and patients undergoing cancer chemotherapy. We have found some plant derived extracts capable of acting as potential biological response modulators and immunostimulators.

We are currently seeking partners for our MicroGold platform. There are various models of collaboration that we can implement, including but not limited to - licensing of specific plant extracts and custom development of health ingredients for ailment of partner's choice.