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Knowledge Management
We offer comprehensive knowledge management services, and perform indexing and annotation of chemical and biological data from patents and literature on an industrial scale for a variety of scientific enterprises, including eminent publishers and renowned pharmaceutical R&Ds.

Our dedicated facilities are networked through secure software and comprise a team of professional pharmacologists, biochemists, molecular biologists, and organic chemists, specifically trained in the process of data annotation. Our unique delivery model combines elements of both onshore and offshore resourcing to ensure the highest levels of quality at a significantly lower cost than local alternatives.

We provide 'Prototype project' wherein the pilots are constructed as per client's requirment.

Discovery Informatics

We construct Small Molecule Ligand Databases for various drug targets like GPCRs


Patent Research

We offer services covering IP generation, protection, commercialisation and management


Data Annotation

Evolvus is actively involved in performing precise annotation of pharmaceutical database in