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Liceptor© Database is a small molecule ligand database consisting of 2D structures, associated molecular descriptors and bioactivity data including assays, functions and therapeutic indications. The database focuses on targets like GPCRs, ion channels, central nervous system (CNS) transporters, kinases, proteases, phosphatases, nuclear receptors, and cytochrome P450.

Liceptor© Database can be customised with client specified additional fields and custom data annotation.

Types of Target databases
  • Kinase database
  • Protease database
  • Phosphatase database
  • GPCR database
  • NHR Database
  • Ion-channel database
  • Transporter database
  • Cytochrome database
Chemical Descriptors
  • Experimentally measured descriptors
  • Theoretical molecular descriptors
  • 0D-descriptors
  • 1D-descriptors
  • 2D-descriptors
  • 3D-descriptors
  • 3D-MoRSE descriptors
  • WHIM descriptors
  • GETAWAY descriptors
  • Quantum-chemical descriptors
  • Surface and volume descriptors

The research article Analysis of Commercial and Public Bioactivity Databases published in the Journal of Chemical
Information and Modeling
, revealed that the Evolvus database covered the highest number of total molecules when compared to other databases.