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We provide customised solutions and cost effective scalable resources, in the areas of patent chemistry data abstraction, indexing of Markush structures, and annotation of chemical and pharmacological data.

Our clients include:

  • Fortune 500 pharmaceutical companies
  • Global publishers in the area of science, technology and medicine
  • Leading law firms
  • Numerous cheminformatics specialised vendors

Our team of professionals belonging to various fields like chemoinformatics, organic chemistry, medicine and biology are trained to use various IP landscaping and mapping software programs, which enables us to serve a range of life-science industries efficiently.

Our unique delivery model combines elements of both onshore and offshore resourcing to ensure the highest levels of quality at a significantly lower cost than local alternatives.

Big-pharma and biotech customers have been effectively using our databases to mine chemical space both for internal research and to track competitor patent profiles for compounds of interest to them.

The effectiveness of our databases has been proved in prioritising QSAR and pharmacophore studies, synthetic chemistry endeavors and advancing 'Hit-to-Lead' patterns.


We provide cost-effective, accurate and timely management of our databases.


Molecular Informatics

Application of computational techniques has now become imperative in any life-science.


IT Products

Evolvus' software team specialists have built web applications that have helped clients increase