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Research Informatics
Evolvus' Informatics services and products apply skillful resources and best in class software to achieve predictable outcomes, which enable users to improve their business performance by exchange of information. We optimise computing investments by designing database products and customised tools/interfaces based on our client's requirements. Evolvus provides a level of experience and expertise that can benefit an organization in a variety of ways.

Our Cheminformatics and Bioinformatics related services include standard off-the-shelf database products, as well as customised databases (Knowledge Management Services). Our databases offer high level of accuracy as they are curated by expert technical teams.

Informatics teams of Evolvus are highly committed to transform data into valuable information and provide easy, reliable and affordable access to scientific knowledge for making the entire process of drug discovery more efficient and precise.

Technical Capabilities

Evolvus' software team specialists have built web applications that have helped clients increase productivity, streamline internal


Quality Assurance

Our data quality assurance services help to know whether the data obtained is complete, accurate and reliable.


Project Process

For successful completion of a task, excellent planning and execution is the key. Evolvus offers well managed, flexible, high quality