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Clinical Research
Evolvus provides complete clinical trial management services to the pharmaceutical industries. We deliver Phase I-Phase IV clinical trial management and monitoring services to our customers. Our highly professional Clinical Operations team is comprised of pharmacologists experienced in the conducting and managing different phases and aspects of clinical trials. The clinical data management team at Evolvus is an expert in curating, managing, and analysing voluminous amount of data generated during clinical trials. Data analytics services at Evolvus undertake review and analysis of current pre-clinical and clinical drug candidates belonging to specific therapeutic area to generate comprehensive reports. These reports can serve as important inputs for strategically planning drug discovery process.

We also work in the field of Pharmacovigilance to detect, collect, monitor and analyse adverse drug reactions (ADRs) for unearthing new information regarding safety and toxicity of a particular drug or biological. Comprehensive adverse effect analysis of marketed drugs, pre-clinical or clinical candidates is also performed wherein all the available and necessary documents are reviewed. This enables us to achieve 'adverse-effect profiling' and identify mechanistic pathways along with structural elements responsible for these effects.